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Mini Golf Portal and Scorecard

Project overview

Puttra-round is an on-again-off-again pet project. It has evolved from a love for the under-appreciated pastime of mini golf to an in-progress portal for like-minded lovers of the game. There are a handful of resources for mini golf enthusiasts, mostly listings of “best courses”, but none seem to have evolved up to par with modern websites.

Anxious to fix this, I started brainstorming what my ideal service, digital scorecard solution, even community, might be. However, as a student of Lean thinking, I knew that even my best brainstorm would only be my opinion – albeit an educated one since I am the target audience. I instead started to consider the best starting point and landed on a simple course listing, which is the current work-in-progress.


Initial sketches brewed in my head as a thought exercise on the idea electronic mini golf scorecard for a while before I actually considered turning the concept into a larger service.

Benchmarking research

Once given the opportunity to use a pet project during an Information Architecture class, I decided to gather information about how other people think about miniature golf, as well as evaluating the competitive environment.

When I found little noteworthy competition for mini golf communities or information sites, my professor suggested looking for inspiration, so I researched similar communities devoted to other activities.


The structure and workflow for my initial outline represented both the immediate set of features for my starting point, plus likely near-term enhancement possibilities, should users justify it.


My wireframes and mockups represented the start of a concept, although knowing that I intended to build the site in WordPress, with a professional theme that I purchased (to get it up and running as quickly as possible), I knew that it was more of a guideline of what to look for than a literal outline of layout.


Before my decision to use WordPress, and the discovery of a premium WordPress theme whose location-based services were good enough to make housing the data on my site feasible, I looked at available APIs that might give me comprehensive access to miniature golf locations.

The Yahoo locations one seemed to be one of the few that had a category for “mini golf” rather than just grouping them in with general “golf” courses, so I entered a mobile app contest they had with a simplistic php prototype of the search functionality and scorecard.

I didn’t win the trip to South by Southwest, sadly, but I did get an opportunity to try my scorecard out on my phone.

Tools & methods:

  • Survey
  • Competitive review
  • Sitemap
  • Content inventory
  • Workflow
  • Low-fidelity sketches
  • Visio wireframes
  • Functional prototype

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