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Project overview

A banking customer came to us to suggest a good way to incorporate their “University” (KSU) into their website. The “University” is a listing of workshops for students and adults that schools and organizations could hire the bank to run, to educate their audiences about money management.

The workshops were broken down by age categories, with offerings to teach kids about savings accounts or adults about investment accounts.

The overall budget for the project was small, but given the amount of information to be presented, I suggested including a handful of hours (6-8) to provide a couple of different interaction treatments for handling the information.


Before mocking up the two options for the KSU, I sketched a number of interaction concepts to work through which seemed to fit best with the content.


Once I narrowed down to the top 2 options, I mocked up the screens using Powerpoint with interface elements from the PowerMockup plugin.

Tools & methods:

  • Low-fidelity sketches
  • PowerPoint wireframes