Banking Website

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Project overview

A small community bank with 3 successful locations came to us to build a new website. They wanted to minimize their focus on traditional banking products and emphasize their more profitable mortgage products.

Content tracking

While trying to determine the right structure for the bank’s new positioning, I made an inventory of the old website. Once we determined the new structure, I updated the inventory document to map old content to new content.

By using the tracking sheet to identify the highest-impact pages, and how drastic the anticipated changes were, we were able to determine where our copywriting services could produce the greatest value.


With the bank’s new mortgage focus, the website’s homepage had two priorities – direct people to mortgage content by showcasing their low rates, and serve the needs of current bank customers.

During a collaborative whiteboard sketching session, we determined the story that the rotating slides would tell.

We also segmented the homepage into the “new customer” zone that was focused on mortgages and the existing customer zone that prompted for account login and invited contacting customer service for common issues. I then worked through sketches of specific elements in my own sketchbook.


With the wireframes, we aimed to keep content to a minimum, tell the story of mortgages, and make information easy to digest.

We had to collaborate with their software provider for mortgage information and applications. My designs could only reflect the rate information we could get out of the system via API calls, so I worked closely with the development team throughout the wireframe process to ensure all proposed content was feasible.

Tools & methods:

  • Content inventory
  • Low-fidelity sketches
  • Axure wireframes