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Graduate Studies Website

Project overview

The graduate school for a business college was looking to redesign their website to support a growing recruiting effort and came to us to help.

The challenge: the graduate school of the business college was one small section of a larger Drupal site for the entire university system, and the rest would not be changing. This meant that not only did we have an existing navigation structure to fit into, but we couldn’t vary the page structure too drastically without rebuilding the entire thing.

I was, however, able to streamline the architecture within the business school’s graduate program pages to make the critical program information easier to find, especially for busy MBA candidates.

I focused the wireframes on presenting information in a straightforward way, providing them places to tell their success stories using videos from students, faculty, and alumni.

I used sidebars to guide prospective students to the most appropriate and relevant calls-to-action based on where in the information-gathering process they were.


In addition to typical interaction and page hierarchy design, we also tried to help students visualize the timeline of course progression.

Tools & methods:

  • Content inventory
  • Visualization
  • Axure wireframes

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