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Healthcare Experience Mapping

Project overview

Because of my ongoing fascination with service design, I took advantage of a journey mapping professional development workshop at the 2013 Healthcare Experience Design conference in Boston, MA.

We were divided into groups of 5-6 and given a case study to follow throughout the day as we went through the steps of building experience maps.

Current state

The first half of the day focused on evaluating the details of the case study and persona we were given – a well-liked doctor with an inefficient practice, and a regular patient who feels frustrated with the logistics of healthcare.

We were tasked with coming up with an empathy map for our user, and a journey map of what he went through to manage his monthly diabetes care with his doctor.

Future state

The second half of the day focused on understanding and aligning the goals of both doctor and patient to brainstorm an improved service journey.

We brainstormed service features, considered how features met the goals of both, determined which were practical within our given constraints, and mapped out the future service journey.

Tools & methods:

  • Empathy map
  • Journey map

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