case study

Mobile 20 Questions Game

Project overview

As part of my graduate “Prototyping and Interaction Design” course, we were tasked to “create a prototype” of a website or application. We were told to use either Excel or PowerPoint to do so because they produce files that almost everyone can receive, and we should submit the prototype with instruction on how to use it.

Wanting to do a mobile prototype, I chose to work through the ideas of a mobile GPS/photography-based 20-questions game I’d sketched a few times.


The main concept for my GPS/photography-based 20-questions game was for 1 player to take a picture at a location, and invite a second player to play a game. The second player would then take pictures to represent “questions”, and the system would support the first player in answering yes/no questions.


The prototype was created using PowerPoint, using the Keynotopia wireframe/prototyping kit of interface elements to help with rapid prototype development.

Tools & methods:

  • Low-fidelity sketches
  • PowerPoint prototyping

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