case study

Patient Story Display and Search

Project overview

One of our medical device clients had been through several iterations of presenting stories on the website from patients who had received the device.

The company had gathered enough stories that they wanted to start offering site visitors a way to search through the stories, but also to gather more lifestyle information so that people could find patients more “like them”.

The update included some robust management tools so that they could invite existing patients to update with the new information, to merge new information with the old information easily, and to present the enhanced stories in a compelling way.


These sketches represent an early iteration of what ultimately got turned into wireframes.


These wireframes were built in Axure and used to showcase the layout of the story highlights, the search form and results, the enhanced profile, and the new form for collecting information.

Tools & methods:

  • Low-fidelity sketches
  • Search design
  • Form design
  • Axure wireframes

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