case study

Restaurant Ordering Paper Prototyping

Project overview

In a Sarah Bloomer workshop titled Sketching the User Interface, we practiced methods for rapidly communicating ideas via sketching.

The result was communicating a concrete idea within an hour or two, rather than relying on standard, “heavier” deliverables that might take days to produce.

Paper prototype

During the afternoon session, we were given the case of creating a restaurant ordering kiosk to help frequent customers pre-order their food to expedite the process of a busy lunch rush.

After some initial sketches as individuals, we shared preliminary ideas. Leveraging the best ideas from everyone, we came together to collaborate on a paper prototype of our solution and demonstrated it to the group.

And of course, since this was a UX workshop, we utilized Post-Its to the fullest extent possible.

Tools & methods:

  • Low-fidelity sketching
  • Paper prototyping

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