case study

Retail Display eCommerce Website

Project overview

A design firm specializing in retail environmental design decided to “dip their toes” in the e-commerce water.

They differentiate themselves as a design service by having a manufacturing partner for display products, allowing them to offer high-end displays at a reasonable cost for design customers, and they wanted to start generating some more passive income allowing consumers to order the products directly online.

The problem was that their competition, discount display product sites like Displays2Go, offered inexpensive, low-end merchandise to be used for one-off events, rather than the high-quality, long-term display products offered by the design firm.


Because of the experimental nature of the project, the company didn’t have a strong feel for their target audience, nor a well-defined message about what differentiated them from the discount display websites.

Without the budget to do prospective user research, we had to work with the client to tease out what would make someone coming to the site understand – and be ok with – the price difference.

The approach we came up with leveraged some of the company’s marketing graphics for their design service and used those as an interactive foundation for letting users explore and visualize how the products could be used to create environments – essentially pulling one small piece of their consulting business into the e-commerce site.

Tools & methods:

  • Low-fidelity sketches
  • Axure wireframes

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