Kristin Morin

Senior UX Designer & Content Strategist

While I live and work in the entrepreneurial space at the moment, 
I’m always eager to consider an interesting UX design challenge.

Here are some things that pique my interest…

Professional strengths

Facilitating innovation

Encouraging coworkers from all disciplines to envision the future solutions to customers’ needs

User research

Helping guide new research and analyzing existing research provides a wealth of insight

Data visualization

Robust products yield complex customer data that needs to be analyzed to present effectively

Project pitches

Innovation-focused projects need buy-in, and that means crafting a compelling pitch

UX writing

UX writing and content strategy lay the groundwork for accurate and effective design solutions

Designing help

Helping users isn’t just a manual, it’s a philosophy of designing guidance throughout a product

Interaction design

“Intuitive” design comes from knowing when to follow patterns vs. when form must follow function

Project organization

As a former project manager, I naturally gravitate toward self-starting and clearing project roadblocks

My Values

Here are the key things that matter to me in all of my projects.


Balancing a true understanding of the user’s needs and problems with the goals and objectives of the business builds the foundation of all worthwhile products. Meaningful product design relies on an insightful, research-based understanding of both.


If you’ve got outdated corporate silos and archaic red tape, you should expect me to challenge them. Building the right product for customers means not just collaborating within the team, but seeking insights wherever they exist in the company.

Real content

Part of gathering insight means designing with the real content users will experience and generate with a product. I work with stakeholders until I know I’m using realistic numbers, plausible copywriting, and accurate scenarios.

My projects

Want to see some of my previous projects?