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It’s incredibly important to me to keep expanding my UX knowledge and cultivate deep expertise on skills as new interests emerge from projects. Here are the books and courses that have shaped me as a professional.

July 2020

Design & Content

Design & Content 2020 Conference
Conference exploring the relationship between UX design and content strategy.

March 2018

Visually Making Sense of Complex Information

UX Immersion
Visual framework for deconstructing, prioritizing, and packaging complex information for understanding.

March 2018

Utilizing Mapping to Gain Stakeholder Alignment

UX Immersion
Mapping techniques to reframe UX challenges as productive conversations tailored to stakeholder audiences.

January 2018

Creative Confidence

by Tom and David Kelley
Written by the founders of IDEO, this book aims to help “non-creatives” find their creative confidence, but also offers insights for creative professionals who feel they’ve plateaued or worry they’re not taking enough creative risks.

December 2017

Deep Work

by Cal Newport
Techniques for creative professionals to avoid distractions and find the deeper focus they need to achieve creative breakthroughs.

August 2017

Answer First: Executive Ready Presentation

Techniques and strategies to refine presentations and pitches to best resonate with your audience

July 2017

Strengths Finder 2.0

by Tom Rath
An excellent tool for self-reflection on what our professional strengths are, so we can lean into them to do our best work

June 2017

Collective Genius

by Linda A. Hill, Greg Brandeau, Emily Truelove, Kent Lineback
A primer on how leading innovation differs from traditional management and how design leaders can steer creative teams toward innovation.

June 2016

Accidental Creative

by Todd Henry
While intended as a primer for those who consider themselves to be “non-creatives” but find themselves in creative job roles “accidentally”, the insight applies equally to creative professionals.

April 2016


Storytelling principles to craft compelling business messages for internal audiences and customers

November 2015

Content-First Design

Establishing a content-based roadmap to guide design, development, and usability

September 2015

Taking your content to global proportions

ConFab Intensive
Best practices, and tips for determining your organization’s readiness for global content strategy

September 2015

Workflow and governance

ConFab Intensive
Tips for assessing your organization’s content challenges and tips for aligning your people and processes

March 2013

Masterclass in Behavior Design with BJ Fogg

Healthcare ExD conference
Designing to maximize the impact of behavior changes based on psychological and human behavioral patterns

October 2012

UX Intensive

Adaptive Path’s 4-day workshop covering human-centered design methods including strategy, research, service design, and interaction design

May 2012

Gamestorming and Business Model Innovation workshops

Sketching and facilitation techniques to gather requirements, align stakeholders, and create innovative designs

May 2012

Masters of Science

Bentley University
M.S. in Human Factors in Information Design

November 2011

Designing Complex Applications

Techniques and principles for designing data-rich, complex applications for understanding and ease-of-use

November 2011


Techniques for identifying and working through critical microinteractions in your designs

May 2008

Bachelors of Science

Johnson & Wales University
B.S. in Web Management and Internet Commerce

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