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“Creative Burst”

Now available, this concise case study introduces a practical method for UX design teams to drive innovation product strategy from within their organizations.

Kristin Morin's Creative Burst book cover

Despite the limitations many User Experience teams face—budget and time constraints, lack of formal authority—UX practitioners are uniquely poised to provide strategic value to product organizations. Still, many UX teams struggle to prove they’re capable of leading strategy, not just following it.

Creative Burst details how one UX team took product strategy into their own hands.

The author, a UX designer with a masters’ degree and two decades of experience making websites and software, shares how her team leveraged focused bursts of creativity to cultivate an environment that embraced innovation.

The program was not a massive success at the outset, but innovation requires iteration, and initial failure is critical to the process. Utilizing continuous improvement methods, the UX team learned to lead product strategy by example.

In this case study, streamlined for the busy UX professional, you will learn:

  • Steps the UX team took to lead product strategy from within the organization
  • Methods to encourage participation and maintain team engagement throughout the innovation program
  • Takeaways of which practices worked well, which didn’t, and how the team determined the difference
  • Key building blocks to design your own successful innovation program and transform good ideas into great product strategy

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Or visit the Creative Burst website to access my favorite innovation program resources and learn about the companion workbook.

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